Acupuncture – Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Registeredthe painless insertion of super fine needles – allows deeper access to places that touch alone cannot reach.  These needles are usually inserted into acupoints, which are points along the meridians that transport Qi throughout our bodies.  These acupoints have been identified over thousands of years by ancients and scholars of Chinese Medicine as reliable ‘access points’ that allow entry into and manipulation of the Qi in the channels.  Acupoints allow us to influence the Qi, Blood, meridians and organs in the body to either move Qi and Blood that is ‘stuck’ or build Qi and Blood where it is deficient, helping the body return itself to a state of balance.  Scientific research into the mechanisms of Acupuncture demonstrate profound physiological and immunological responses within the body well beyond any simple local response, when acupoints are stimulated.

Alternatively, needles can be placed into what is referred to in Chinese Medicine as Ah Shi points, or in other words, the most painful spot. Ah Shi points tend to correspond to what physiotherapists and massage therapists call trigger points, however, in Chinese medicine these Ah Shi points are always combined with a selection of channel points to address the imbalance that has led to the problem.  By using channel acupoints as well as Ah Shi points to treat musculoskeletal problems, deeper and more pronounced healing occurs as we treat the local area, as well as the underlying condition.

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