Treatment information and pricing

Cosmetic acupunctureEach session of Cosmetic Acupuncture takes around 90 minutes for a full treatment or 60 minutes for an express treatment, and a course of 8-12 weekly sessions is highly recommended for optimal results.  Chinese herbs costing between $15-40 per course may also be recommended to help improve the inner health when appropriate.

Sessions are priced at $105 per 90 minute session or $75 per 60 minute session (Private Health rebates apply), as well as an additional one-off payment of $60 for the skin needle roller used during your treatments. This skin needle roller will be yours to take away with you at the end of your treatment period for continued maintenance.

At the start of your Cosmetic Acupuncture course, you will be provided with a free bottle of White Lotus Anti-aging Serum to take home and use in conjunction with your sessions.  For the first 8 hours following each session this should be THE ONLY product used on your skin.  Skin needling creates thousands of microscopic channels in the skin which take 4-8 hours to close completely, so it is essential that no products with any toxins are applied at this time as this will substantially increase their absorption into the body. White Lotus Anti-aging Serum is organic, free of all toxins and contains ingredients that are essential in collagen and elastin production, so it is not only safe, but highly supportive of this process.  Following this, we recommend that you use this product as you would a wrinkle serum, twice daily.