Post natal depression

Acupuncture and Post natal depression

It is thought that as many as half of all women experience depression in the first week following childbirth, however if this is extended or severe, professional help should be sought.  Depression following a birth can range from sudden mood swings with unexpected bouts of crying (even though the woman would state that she feels happy most of the time), to feelings of exhaustion and an inability to cope, or even feelings of guilt and anger about aspects of the delivery that did not go as planned.  Traditional Chinese Medicine views childbirth as a demanding and draining experience, which can seriously deplete the body’s often already compromised stores of Qi and Blood.  Nourishing and balancing the body through plentiful rest and a good diet, in accompaniment with Acupuncture, can help rebuild the bodies resources to assist with issues such as post natal depression and exhaustion, and assist new mothers recuperate post birth.