Post natal tonification

Acupuncture and Post natal tonification

Childbirth is a very strenuous experience for the body, and the first three days following labour are seen as a time of elimination or purgation from a Chinese Medicine point of view.  From this point on, TCM advocates for a period of 30 days tonification (up to 100 days in certain texts) to rebuild the Blood and Qi lost through pregnancy and childbirth.

A TCM treatment called ‘Mother Warming’ is a useful one-off treatment to assist the new mother to re-energise and recover.  This involves moxibustion being applied to the lower abdomen and lower back to assist tonification of the Qi and the dispersal of any cold that may have accumulated during the labour while a woman is most vulnerable. Regardless of what treatments are sought, a nourishing diet and adequate rest at every opportunity is essential during this time.