Fatigue and exhaustion

 Acupuncture, fatigue, pregnancy, exhausted, Gold CoastFatigue and exhaustion during pregnancy can be a real hurdle for many women, and Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be a great help in improving overall health and wellbeing.  Fatigue can be particularly evident in the first trimester when the demands of forming a placenta and coping with hormonal changes take their toll, and the final trimester with the drain of carrying an extra 6-10 kilograms, lack of sleep due to frequent bathroom trips and constant waking from having to turn over in bed.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine works to help build any deficiency of Qi and Blood in the body that might be contributing to this fatigue, as well as help to calm the mind and body to relieve stress and tension for better quality sleep.  This will assist you in preparation for birth and new motherhood, encouraging optimal health of the mother, and therefore baby too.