Iron deficiency anaemia

acupuncture, pregnancy, anaemia, Gold CoastIron-deficiency anaemia is a common occurrence during pregnancy, and Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help boost the body to assist in the building of Iron stores. From around weeks 6-8 up to weeks 32-34, a woman’s blood volume increases to facilitate maternal and foetal exchange of respiratory gases, nutrients and metabolites, as well as to protect the mother against blood loss during labour.  Around the 20th week, this increase accelerates, placing stress on iron stores. Additionally, further depletion occurs when baby starts laying down its own iron stores during the last four to six weeks of pregnancy.

Some women are more at risk of developing iron-deficiency anaemia during pregnancy, including those who were malnourished prior to pregnancy or who have been eating poorly since becoming pregnant, those carrying more than one foetus, and those who have had several pregnancies or miscarriages within a short time period.  Acupuncture can be utilised for this condition in conjunction with diet and supplements, to nurture the body and assist in the production of Qi and Blood.