Varicose veins

 Acupuncture can be helpful in the management of varicose veins during pregnancy.  Varicose veins can occur in the veins of the legs during pregnancy due to there being an increased amount of blood in the body for the heart to pump back to the lungs, and because increased progesterone during pregnancy leads to a softening of the valves.  Added pressure from a growing uterus on the pelvic venous return can also contribute to this problem.  Haemorrhoids during pregnancy are often due to constipation, but also contributed to by the pressure of the foetus on the bowel.  Vulval Varicosities are varicose veins occurring around the vulval area or within the vagina, which usually appear around the last few months of pregnancy and resolve post-birth.

Acupuncture can assist in raising the Qi in the body to relieve pressure, as well as to clear heat and damp to provide relief from these unpleasant complications.