How it works

Acupuncture and energyMuch of the work done by Tanya Kane at Blissful Being Acutherapies Tweed Heads, is geared toward ‘energetics’, from the perspective of clearing imbalances within the body.  This energy, or Qi, flows through us via the meridian system that regulates our physical body – 12 main meridians as well as numerous supporting channels that transport Qi throughout the body; as well as through our chakras – the energetic centres which run through the centre of the body and facilitate our Heaven-Earth connection.  This is undoubtedly a very simplistic version of the way in which our body processes energy, however the basic gist is that our bodies are portals of energy that communicates both internally as well as with our surrounds, allowing us to either grow stronger from our exchanges, or to manifest weakness and disease when our connections – either with ourselves, with others, or with our environment – are disharmonious.

When we suffer a physical injury, be it a trauma or deterioration due to long-term misuse, the area becomes ‘blocked’, no longer allowing Qi and eventually Blood clear passage through the injured part.  Over time, as Qi and Blood nourish our bodies and keep things healthy, this can lead to chronic conditions that are a larger amplification of the initial issue.  By accessing the meridian system of the body via Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can draw Qi and Blood to the affected area, allowing it to be nourished and heal.  Studies have shown that Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reawakens the body to injuries, signalling to the immune system where work needs to be done, and this is a large part of how Acupuncture can help treat physical problems in the body.

As we live our lives we are constantly interacting with ourselves, each other and the world in such a way that is either in alignment with our physical, emotional and spiritual truth, or less so.   As this exchange (or lack of), is not always positive for the mind, body or soul it can lead to physical and/or emotional imbalance and eventually to mental and/or physical dis-ease.  Often disharmony or disease is a consequence of emotional or spiritual issues which we internalise, failing to process and release (as is the natural process of things). This can manifest as mental health issues with both emotional and physical aspects such as anxiety or depression, or as a physical disease with emotional connections – IBS or IBD, endometriosis, and chronic pain are some common examples.

By using a combination of Acupuncture and TCM to assess and rebalance the meridians and organs of the body, plus Reiki and Medical Qi Gong to access blocked or stored emotions in the body, Tanya is able to address the physical and vibrational aspects of emotional problems and mental health issues.  This helps the body to return to balance, facilitating the release of old issues that are no longer relevant, calming the mind and body, moving that which is stuck and building that which is deficient.  Anxiety and depression are two mental health issues which respond very effectively to this approach, as the physical signs and symptoms tend to resolve quickly allowing greater effectiveness and focus when dealing with the underlying cause.  This method is therefore an excellent way to reduce or even eliminate the need for medication, and is a great adjunctive therapy to counselling if such an approach is possible.

The therapies used by Tanya Kane – Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Massage, Reiki, and Medical Qi Gong – allow her to assess and address disharmony in the body, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or as is most often the case, a combination of these.  Tanya utilises these therapies to clear blockages in energy flow where it is impeded, to build energy where it is depleted, and to help clear stored emotions to allow easier processing and release.  To learn more about how each of these individual therapies work, please visit the ‘Therapies’ section of this site.