What if I don’t like needles

Super-fine, single-use Acupuncture needles

What if I don’t like needles?

For starters, the needles used for Acupuncture treatments at Blissful Being Acutherapies Tweed Heads, are nothing like those you get at the doctor – they are super-fine and usually painless when inserted.  If you feel anything it would most likely feel something like a mosquito bite.  However, if at any time during the treatment you wish to have the needles removed this will be done quickly and without fuss – you are always in charge of your treatment and you will never be left alone without having a bell to ring for immediate assistance.  If you would like treatment without needles, then alternatively acupressure along with the use of special magnets on acupoints, can be used as a good substitute.  All other therapies offered – cupping, massage, Reiki/Medical Qi Gong, Moxibustion, Chinese Herbs – will of course still be used in conjunction with these alternatives, as is required.