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Wonderful for fertility and women’s health, Tanya’s three hour sessions allow us to really go deep into all things that are blocking flow in your body, in particular, the pelvis and abdomen. Physical and emotional trauma, scar tissue and adhesions, uterine placement, cold in the body, are all considered as part of this nurturing, intensive package.

These sessions gently invite the body to allow deeper work that aims to significantly shift and move all that hinders us from returning to balance.

Our bodies are masters of ‘managing’, however, to be functioning optimally we need to be physically and emotionally free flowing. Many of us experience issues with our menstrual cycle (pain, irregularity, heavy bleeding), suboptimal digestion, are having trouble conceiving, have pain or restriction due to adhesions from surgery or inflammation, have suffered trauma in our lives, carry with us generational trauma…these sessions are designed to help you along the journey of unravelling and rebuilding.

A holistic approach

Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities (acupuncture and moxibustion) with perineal steaming, Touch for Health, and Mayan Abdominal massage techniques, these sessions gently invite the body to allow deeper work that aims to significantly shift and move all that hinders us from returning to balance.

Session pricing

Recommended treatment plan:

  • Incorporating 2 or 3 of these longer sessions in the early part of your treatment journey with Tanya can really help accelerate your healing process.
  • These sessions are deeply moving, and so should only be carried out at certain times of the month if you are menstruating and trying to conceive.
  • Optimally, sessions should be scheduled after your monthly bleed has finished, and if trying to conceive, before ovulation. If you are not trying to conceive, treatments can be done up to one week before your cycle is due to begin.

What to expect in your session

Sessions begin with navel cupping to help remove Cold from the body (if needed), essential oils and tuning forks to calm and ground the mind, followed by Touch for Health techniques designed to address physiological trauma stored in the body.

Sacral moxa (gentle heat applied by burning the herb mugwort over the sacrum) to awaken the Yang sets the scene for the deeply healing and connecting Yoni steaming. Yoni steaming softens and soothes the perineal tissue, gently warming the pelvis and abdomen.

After this, acupuncture and moxibustion is used to address imbalances identified in the body and mind, and Mayan massage techniques are applied to the abdomen and back to help unlock that which is blocking flow.

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